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RPG PC: Jake Winter (Private Eye RPG)
Some of my friends and me have been playing a Private Eye RPG campaign for some time now. Private Eye is a detective RPG set in the Victorian Era so you are playing PCs that are similar to Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Wiggins etc. (I think it is a german game ... please correct me if I'm wrong).

This is my PC: Jake Winter, a former street urchin, now working as a servant of a wealthy old Lady.
He has a really good acting skill and therefore has to play several roles to fullfill the tasks the party has been given (driving my GM nuts in the progress :D).
So far he has been posing as an aristrocratic dandy and a maid/chaperone for our noble (and only female) party member.

ink on paper (I will colour him as soon as I get a new pen tablet ...)
RPG NPC: Dahlia (Dragon Age RPG)
One of my original NPCs for my Dragon Age RPG campaign.

The beautiful an deadly Dahlia, formerly an Antivan Crow now striving to become a bard. She is the Nemesis (and only real love interest) of my husbands PC, a promiscuous elf assassin (... nope ... he is not Zevran. He hadn't even played DA: O when he created the character).

Ink and Farber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencils
RPG Characters: Something Old ...
Another two year old drawing I found in an old sketchbook.

The first three characters I ever created for Pen & Paper RPG. None of them had a very good story ... but they are the first in a long line of RPG characters, so I am quite fond of them.

The elf girl - Namariel - really was the first one. A D&D Assassin without any concept or story. I created her for my very first contact with RPG tabletop gaming ... and I really did not have any clue what to do :D.

The blacked haired magician is my first Shadowrun character, Crow. She had some kind of background story ... but most of it was written by my GM.

I played both Namariel and Crow for only a few gaming nights, before both groups stopped meeting ...

And then there was Oleana.
The red haired Amazon ... my first PC for "Das schwarze Auge" (The Dark Eye).
She is one of the few PCs I played for a really long time (several years actually). Although she did not have a very good story either, she developed into something that was very much fun to play. :D
Unfortunately the group she was with is no longer active either, but she was the PC that really got me to start Pen & Paper RPG.
I realized I never uploaded this old drawing of myself. Found it in one of my scretchbooks.
It is two years old ... so i don't really have that hairstyle anymore (I dyed my hair brown with read streaks ... and it is significantly longer - I'll have to do a new one ... :D).

(done with Farber-Castell Pitt artist pens)


Where did I put my pencils ...
Personal Quote: "Oops ...!!!"


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nice style!
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Thank you!
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A true honor, amazing artist! :D  
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I love your drawings!!! llama for you :hug:
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Thanks! :)
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Thanks muchly for the fave :)
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I really like the mood of that picture :)
RoywynBlackrock Featured By Owner May 11, 2011

So ... were did I put my pencils ...
SgtScrap Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Don't forget to actually click on "reply" when you reply directly to a comment, or the other person won't get a notification of your reply. :)

Your pencil are probably at the same place your left your mind all those years ago. ;) *hugs*

Good to see you be active for yourself again. :)
RoywynBlackrock Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
Mea culpa!

I'm new at this, you know :P
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